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What Women in Their 20s Need to Know About Vaginal Health

Our bodies are constantly changing as we age, and with each decade of our lives comes new concerns for our feminine health. For women in their 20s, it can be especially difficult to know what is normal for your body, what questions you should be asking you

Nov 24th, 2021
Stop the Menopause Madness

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? Tired of Everyone Telling You This Is A Normal Part Of Aging?

Oct 29th, 2021
Trauma Healing

What is trauma? Is it getting hit by a car? Not necessarily but you may feel like you have been hit by a truck. Trauma upregulates your nervous system.....

Oct 19th, 2021
Age Is Not A Disease

Age is not a disease. One does not have to accept bodily changes as a natural part of aging.

Sep 13th, 2021
Freedom Kitchen FREE Summit August 25-29, 2021

Hippocrates said in 440 BC " Let food be thy medicine." The Freedom Kitchen gets to the nitty-gritty on how to live your best, healthiest life with the right foods. What we don't know about the food industry can hurt us? Find out more today.

Aug 17th, 2021
Giant Hug for ALL

It is hard enough discovering who you are and what you want in life. For some people it takes years. I wanted a wellness center where individuals are not fearful of expressing themselves and their concerns.

Aug 17th, 2021
Welcome to A Life Changing Wellness Center

Stop your search for feeling your best. We are not just women's health experts we have been in your shoes and have found the secret to successful and comfortable living.

Jun 5th, 2021
Menstrual Love Challenge

Learn self-care techniques for women who are cycling with either natural menses or are cycling hormones.

Sep 28th, 2021