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Age Is Not A Disease

Geritol advertisement from 1960-1970's with 46 year old women

Age is not a disease.   One does not have to accept bodily changes as a natural part of aging. There are so many ways to remain vital, full of energy, and full of life. 

"Around the turn of the twentieth century, life expectancy was less than 50 years in most industrialized nations. At the turn of the twenty-first century, it had risen by about 50% to exceed the 75-year limit."

At the root of aging is inflammation.  Inflammation can be caused by multiple factors including but not limited to:

The key to decreased inflammation and anti-aging is living a clean lifestyle with

Here at Greenleaf Health and Wellness, we want to see our clients thrive and enjoy life.  Some testing we use to assess inflammation and wellness include:

Treatment options may include

You only get one body.  Why not live your best life possible?

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