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Freedom Kitchen FREE Summit August 25-29, 2021

Ask anyone if they would like to be healthier with their food choices, and the answer is going to be yes. 


Nobody consciously decides to make a habit out of buying ready-made meals, but... life happens. 


And when you’re holding down a job, household, a family….convenience can take precedence over health. 


We don’t even realize that we’re becoming more factory to table than farm to table. 


We don’t realize the terrifying amount of chemicals packed into these ready meals. 


And we definitely don’t realize the effects that our choices are having on our future.


But what we buy determines what stores will stock.  If we buy more organic food:



Unfortunately, we don’t buy more organic food. 


We buy more fake food. Therefore:



I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time we all had a conversation about how we can become more conscious consumers, eat healthier, and live better. 


And I’m speaking at an event that is going to do exactly that. 


It’s called Freedom Kitchen, and it’s a 5-day virtual event that’s for everyone who knows there is a problem and wants to work on a solution. 


Health and nutrition experts from all areas of the health food industry are teaming up to talk about how we can turn this mess around. 


We’re bringing you simple, practical, applicable advice on how we can: 



Click here to sign up for free. 



You’ll also get a ton of easy, healthy, tasty recipes from top healthy eating chefs, plus the event features live cooking demos for ALL the family. 


It’s going to be educational, it’s going to be relatable, and it’s going to be life-changing. 


And I really hope I see you there

Here’s that sign up link again: 

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