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Hormone Therapy Specialist

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Hormones, such as estrogen, influence your metabolism, sleep, cognition, and sexual function. If you have severe symptoms during menopause like sleep disturbances or weight gain, Betsy Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG, FACOG, FPMRS, FAAOPM, MBA, and her team at Greenleaf Health & Wellness and The Pelvic Institute in Howell, New Jersey, offer hormone therapy with bioidentical hormone pellets. They can also help you manage symptoms naturally with potent herbal supplements. Find out more about hormone therapy by calling Greenleaf Health & Wellness and The Pelvic Institute for an appointment or schedule a visit online today.

Hormone Therapy Q & A

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy is a treatment that can address a range of issues stemming from hormone imbalances. Hormones play fundamental roles in your body to control its normal processes like metabolism and the menstrual cycle. When they’re not in balance, various symptoms and complications can affect you from day-to-day. 

Hormone therapy usually involves estrogen or alternative estrogen replacements. Estrogen is a female sex hormone that fluctuates during perimenopause before you stop producing it during menopause. 

Dr. Greenleaf evaluates your symptoms and how they affect your wellness to determine whether or not hormone therapy, or an alternative, is the best approach in your case. 

What can hormone therapy treat?

Menopause marks the end of your ongoing menstrual cycle, which dictates ovulation and your menstrual periods. Perimenopause typically starts between ages 45 and 55. 

Your menopausal symptoms may include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Cold sweats
  • Persistent insomnia
  • Mood changes
  • Mental fogginess
  • Slow metabolism
  • Skin changes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Increased risk for osteoporosis

Sometimes, symptoms like these have causes that aren’t linked to estrogen but come from other hormones. To identify the root cause of your issues, Dr. Greenleaf looks for adrenal gland issues and thyroid gland issues. These two glands produce different hormones that regulate various body systems and processes. 

Dr. Greenleaf is now serving men needing hormone therapy.

How do I take my hormones during hormone therapy?

At Greenleaf Health & Wellness and The Pelvic Institute, Dr. Greenleaf uses bioidentical hormones for hormone therapy. Unlike synthetic options, these hormones are chemically identical to the hormones your body produces naturally and come from plant estrogens.

If Dr. Greenleaf tells you to take bioidentical hormones to manage your symptoms, she gives you hormone pellets. She implants them under your skin, where they slowly and consistently release the hormones into your system. 

As an alternative to bioidentical hormones, Dr. Greenleaf might recommend herbs and other naturally occurring substances to balance your hormones. Siberian rhubarb root works well as an estrogen replacement. Other herbs and substances that may improve your symptoms are ashwagandha, evening primrose oil, and black cohosh.  

Menopause and its symptoms can impact your wellness in many unexpected ways. To find out if you’re a good candidate for hormone therapy, call Greenleaf Health & Wellness and The Pelvic Institute or schedule an appointment online today.