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Sexual Dysfunction Specialist

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Your sexual well-being is an integral part of your overall health and wellness. Vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, or a low libido may be signs of sexual dysfunction. Betsy Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG, FACOG, FPMRS, FAAOPM, MBA, and the team at Greenleaf Health & Wellness and The Pelvic Institute in Howell, New Jersey, specialize in women’s health and sexual dysfunction. Taking a holistic approach to care, they offer many treatments and therapies to improve your sexual health. Call the office or book an appointment online today.

Sexual Dysfunction Q & A

What is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is a medical condition characterized by ongoing problems with sexual desire or response, orgasms, or pain during intercourse that causes personal distress or affects your intimate relationship. 

Sexual dysfunction is common in women and may occur at any stage of life. 

Your sexual health is an integral part of your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Though not always an easy subject to discuss, Dr. Greenleaf offers a safe and comfortable space for you to share your concerns so she can provide the help you need. 

What are the symptoms of sexual dysfunction?

The symptoms of sexual dysfunction vary and may depend on the underlying cause. Types of sexual dysfunction and symptoms include:

Sexual pain disorder

With sexual pain disorder, you may experience discomfort before, during, or after sexual intercourse. 

Orgasmic disorder

If you have difficulty reaching orgasm after sexual arousal and stimulation, you may have an orgasmic disorder. 

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder

With hypoactive sexual desire disorder, you may feel sexual desire but have a hard time with sexual arousal.

Low sexual desire

Low sexual desires are the most common type of sexual dysfunction in women. With low sexual desire, you have little interest in sex. 

What can I expect during a sexual dysfunction consultation?

When you visit Greenleaf Health & Wellness and The Pelvic Institute for a sexual dysfunction consultation, you can expect a patient-centered exam. Dr. Greenleaf is an experienced urogynecologist and seeks to find the root cause of your sexual problem so she can develop the best treatment plan.

She asks detailed questions about your sexual history and symptoms, performs a physical and pelvic exam, and runs various tests to confirm or rule out a medical condition to explain your symptoms. 

What are the treatments for sexual dysfunction?

Dr. Greenleaf creates personalized treatment plans for sexual dysfunction based on your diagnosis, symptoms, and personal preferences. 

She takes a holistic approach to care and uses a combination of traditional, alternative, integrative, and functional medicine to ensure you get the well-rounded care you need. 

Treatment for sexual dysfunction may include:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Nutraceuticals and supplements
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy
  • Lubricants
  • Counseling
  • Ospemifene (prescription medication for vaginal pain)
  • Flibanserin (prescription medication for hypoactive sexual desire)
  • MonaLisa Touch® 
  • Votiva 
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections

Dr. Greenleaf is now serving men for erectile dysfunction, hormones, and pelvic pain.

Many women benefit from a combination of treatments. Dr. Greenleaf works closely with you to develop a plan that best meets your needs.

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